Volkswagen Tiguan

VW Tiguan
The Volkswagen Tiguan is a small 4wd vehicle based upon VW’s Golf, as such it performs well on road; in fact its off road performance is not as great as its larger sibling the VW Touareg, though obviously the all wheel drive will be handy in snow and ice. As you would expect from VW, build quality is class leading, the dashboard and front cabin are very similar to the Gold, both in layout and quality. In fact, you could mistake this car for a hot hatch, only its tall cabin and view point really give the game away, not forgetting its 4WD.

Equipment levels are good accross the range, with even the basic entry level models coming complete with air con, alloy wheels, elec windows, iphone/mp3 input and DAB. Step up to the SE model and you will gain dual zone climate control, paking sensors (front and rear), bluetooth and a USB socket. The Sports version also adds 18″ wheels and stiffer suspension.

Both petrol and diesel engines are on offer, with a 1.4 litre and 2.0 litre petrol offering from 37.2 mpg upto 48.7 mpg, (combined). The diesal is available in 2.0 litre form, the the best performing one being the 2.0 TDi 4Motion edition, using stop/start technology – this engine reaches a healthy 48.7 mpg combined. Its worth noting here that the Tiguan also comes as a 2WD model, and these manage to improve fuel efficiency even further. CO2 ranges from 150 g/km to 199 g/km depending on engine version.

Engines are mostly 6 speed manual, but 7 speed auto boxes are available on the 2.0 litre diesel engines.

The Tiguan is quite roomy on the inside, easily managing 4 adults, 5 at a squeeze! Rear seats can slide backwards and forwards, which is handy, although this does take up boot space. The splitable rear seats can also be folded flat to allow a greater load when needed.

Cost wise, new Tuguans start at around £18,500, with the popular 2.0 litre diesels around the £20K mark. There are plenty of options to go for and discounts are available if you shop around. A well looked after 3-4 year old model should be around the £9K mark. Being a VW the Tiguan is a bit more expensive than its nearest rivals, but they do hold there value.

Overall the Tiguan is a very good car. Its stylish and practicle, being based on the VW Golf helps, in terms of handling and build quality, the only downside really being its price, however we think the extra is worth paying for.

Volkswagon Tiguan pictures.