Fiat Sedici


The Fiat Sedici is a true small 4×4 car, a joint venture between Suzuki and Fiat, the Sedici (which means !16″ in Italian, a play on its 4×4 abilities) is more of a practicle family car with 4×4 than a true off road beast. Handy for muddy lanes and the odd hill, its capable, but its not a Landrover by any means! On road handling though is superb, this is an easy and enjoyable car to drive. The Sedici was given a face lift in 2010

Build quality is very good, the cabin is large and well laid out. Materials used are good quality and feel a cut above other budget cars. There are two models to choose from, the Dynamic and the Eleganza. Both models come with ABS,  16inch wheels, remote locking, elec windows, fog lights, air con, air bags, split folding rear seats. The Eleganza model adds chrome trim, steering wheel controls, part leather, alloy wheels. Options on both models can include full leather trim, MP3 player, Sat Nav and CD Auto changer.

Keeping things simple means that there are only two engine options for the Fiat Sedici, initially launched with a 1.6 petrol engine (107bhp) in 2006, Fiat soon added a more robust 1.9 litre diesel (120 bhp). The diesel is a touch slower than the petrol, but offers a 6 speed gearbox rather than the petrols 4 speed, and improves fuel economy at the same time. The 1.6 petrol is a little under powered, coupled with its 4 speed gearbox it does mean it requires a fair amount of thrashing to get any performance from it. The 2010 update saw the 1.9litre diesel replace with a 2.0 16 valve diesel offering more power (133bhp) and better fuel economy of around 53mpg combined. CO2 emissions on the 2010 versions are at 139 g/km seeing a drop from 170 g/km on the previous model.

Purchase cost is low, starting at £10500 new, going upto £16800 for the top of the range models, a used Fiat Sedici can be found from as low as £4000. Its a competant 4×4, ideal for family use, it drives well and is one of the most economical 4×4 cars on the market. Its lack of real off road performance is not really an issue, (in fact, there is a 2 wheel drive version that can be found cheaper) However, its 4×4 abilitys are usefull enough to prove to be a selling point and certainly add value to the car on the used market.

Fiat Sedici pictures.

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