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The main advantage of the 4X4 system is that the engine powers all four wheels independently, which gives greater grip and traction. Under  normal road conditions, the extra traction eliminates wheel slip to ensure greater control and a safer journey.  But these vehicles really come into their own on difficult or challenging driving surfaces, like slippery roads, mud, snow, sand, and so on. If one wheel gets stuck – no worries. You won’t need to send for the tow truck  because you’ve got three more wheels working at the same time to power you out of a sticky situation.

Its not just the off road capability of your 4wd that excites potential owners. These cars are chunky and generally bigger than your average family car. Not only does this mean you can fit a fridge in the back, but as a driver you are sitting quite a bit higher giving a much better all round view. As 4×4’s become more refined we are now starting to luxury vehicles that offer a good alternative to your family estate or saloon. It’s no wonder that four-wheel drive vehicles are not only favoured for off-road action, but are also serving familys large and small as good all round cars. Parts and running costs are no longer as high as they used to be, especially when coupled with modern clean efficient diesel engines.

Yet it isn’t only rugged individualists and off-road adventurers who appreciate the benefits of four-wheel drive vehicles. Increased power and safety makes these vehicles a popular choice for those of us with growing families to consider. Plenty of motorists are now looking out for cheap 4X4 for sale.  Under ordinary driving situations, small 4X4 cars have a number of safety advantages. Their greater ground clearance ensures a good view of  your surroundings and the road ahead.  Features such as  anti-lock braking systems and better traction give greater control to ensure all-round safer driving. And another great benefit to families is the spacious and comfortable interior of SUV’s which means no  more cramped, uncomfortable journeys.

Reviews of the best small 4x4 cars in the UKWith so much going for them, there had to be a downside. And sure enough, there are some traditional disadvantages with large 4×4’s that have to be borne in mind when considering whether to purchase a smaller off roader. However, manufacturers are on the case. There are now a number of small 4X4 cars on the market that are greener and cleaner than their heavyweight cousins. These vehicles combine all the power and safety features of an off-roader with the style and comfort of a luxurious family car. With research and planning you will find the best 4X4 to buy to suit your needs.

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